Education is so much more than books and tests.  At ACA we understand the growing need to provide a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.  Our focus is to equip your child with life skills and a love for learning on a firm Biblical foundation – at an affordable price.


“Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.” Psalms‬ ‭127:4‬ ‭NLT
Children are like arrows.  Our vision is to shape them, aim them, and release them into society with purpose and excellence.


Our purpose is to teach academics from a Christian perspective, cultivate a love of learning, and develop high moral character.

How much is the 21-22 school year tuition?

The tuition for the 21-22 school year $4,500 per student. 

What is covered by my tuition fees?

The tuition is all-inclusive and will cover all books and supplies.   Additional fees may apply for field trips and special events.

Is there a dress code?

Yes.  The dress code is as follows:

Girls must have all dresses or skirts decent and below the knees. Splits in skirts or dresses must be below the bend of the knee. Dresses and blouses must have sleeves of at least ¼ length with a modest neckline. No Tight fitting clothes of any kind. Clothes must cover midriff area at all
times. Shorts and slacks are not permitted. The use of lipstick, makeup, or jewelry is not permitted. Shirts or sweaters with suggestive writing or pictures
are not allowed.

Boys must have decent haircuts and must be at least off the collar. No Tight fitting clothes of any
kind. No tight-fitting or overly baggy trousers with holes or tears are permitted.  No shirt or sweater with suggestive writing or pictures is allowed. No jewelry (other than watches) is allowed.

Are cell phones allowed?

Cell phones are permitted at school, but will not be allowed to be used during learning time. 

Does the school provide lunches?

At this time, Arrows Academy will not be providing lunches.  Therefore, each student will need to pack a lunch each day.

What grades are you enrolling?

At this time, Arrows Christian Academy is enrolling students from Kindergarten to Seventh grade.