Need Directions?

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What To Expect

Come to church a few minutes early so you can grab a great parking spot, receive a gift from our Connect Team and get a great seat for Worship Service. Once inside, you will be greeted by someone from our Connect Team. They will be able to answer any questions you have including where to take your children, available classes, restrooms and much more. We want to make your experience as wonderful as possible so please feel free to visit the Connect Team at any time during your visit.

What is service like?

Every Sunday, we have powerful & life changing services! Each service lasts about 90 minutes. They include exciting music, anointed preaching & a chance for you to connect with a living God.

Will I fit in?

This is a common fear for most but give us a chance and we promise that you will discover the most inclusive, friendly & loving church that you have ever been to. We don’t care about your past or present hang ups. We want you to experience the same loving God with us!

What should I wear?

You are welcome to come casual or dressed up. You will see suits, ties, dresses as well as jeans and t-shirts. We want everyone to be comfortable all while respecting the house of God.